RNS News Analysis and Price Reaction at the Open and Before the Close

Daily, everyday with updates at 07:20, 08:15 and 15:30 to set you up for success

A unique service linking News to Price  Reaction

Gives you the EDGE to trade profitably  and consistently

Clear visual execution information to help you trade more effectively


  • Pre-market RNS analysis : by sector, index, results, contracts delivered at 07:15

  • Isolate key catalysts BEFORE the open

  • Market  open reaction to the RNS catalysts at 08:15 : see how price responds and find trades to jump on

  • Simple Red-Amber-Green system  to warn you of low volumes, high spreads so you avoid execution errors

  • Price reaction at regular intervals throughout the trading day

  • Daily blog with macro analysis and technical analysis of opportunities

  • Charting and technical analysis

  • Subscriber discussion and community area

  • Growing archive of data, analysis and commentary


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Watch the short video below

RNS Analysis at 07:20: Find Trade Ideas Before the Open 
click image to enlarge

Price Reaction at 08:15 : See What's Popping and Dropping

click image to enlarge

Click Lower Left to Play : Lower Right to Make Full-screen

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