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RNS Analysis and Opening Price Action

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Pre Market RNS

 Pre Market Sentiment and Charts Influencing UK Markets 06:30 (3 mins read)

UK Futures suggest a firmer open +20 on cash close  at 7618 after the US closed in green with the S&P up 1% and technically looking set to break north from a cup and handle reversal pattern (though below 200MA and in a strong downtrend!)  : tech rallied 0.9% , DOW 0.8% in a broad rally with Energy outperforming significantly as oil prices move higher (see map) . Brent above $121 (chart) ,Sentiment improving with VIX 24 (see dashboard) : Gold and copper are sideways clinging to 200MAs (charts)

BRC Retail data released overnight show UK Retail sales fell -1.5% in May against expected +0.2%: this may counterbalance any cheer from the expected  boost of the Jubilee weekend sales.

UK PMIs at 09.30 will give a read on the health of UK's Services sector in May along with the composite PMI.

  1. - US stocks close in green broad  rally with energy up significantly and participation acrtoss most sectors  - see map
  2. - Brent looks set to break north at $121 (see chart)
  3. - VIX  drops to at 24 VSTOXX 23.6 - see dashboard
  4. - DXY- dollar index sideways 102 5-   (see chart)
  5. - Copper hugs  200MA sideways building energy (see chart)
  6. - Gold  back below $1850 holding 200MA (see chart)

Charts - click to open to full size

Market Dashboard


FTSE 100 Futures

US Stockmap Close


Gold Chart


DXY Chart


Brent Oil Chart


Copper Chart


RNS Highlights Pre Market ECR, ATM on Results

M on Resutls








Take Partial Profit  : PTAL  +47% Profit : Hold SQZ +11%

recent trades posted on RPG

PTAL 40.5p  here     took additional profitsat 59.4p to cover costs of capital  and book partial profits   letting the remainder run risk free: from entry that is +47%

: parabolic moves are difficult to predicts but technicals are stretched and PTAL RSI is approaching 80 . This may well have room to run as the max historic RSI is 85, the 61p price is below the target of 93p so should be room to run


Fundamentals also excellent


[stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" assets="PTAL.L" markup="{name} ({symbol}) {price} ({change_pct}){last_update}" style="font-size: small" api="yf"]



SQZ 261.4p here  [stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" assets="SQZ.L" markup="{name} ({symbol}) {price} ({change_pct}){last_update}" style="font-size: small" api="yf"]

Added at  265.1 here average price of 262.6

Selling from Institutions and BP contributed to poor price action and dampened sentiment with signs of recovery: looks set to reach 300p


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