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Pre Close Opps

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PM Price Action 15:30

FTSE 100 made a decisive move north of resistance prompting an SB long from the 7537 to target 7565 area as first resistance, 7600 seems likely before close:

Update: took half off at 7572 with stop to b/e  and zero risk should be a small div adjustment after the close: happy to leave O/N

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FTSE 250 similarly moving through resistance with participation of many beaten-up and shorted names: this likely sets usup for a multi day rally prompting an ETF long in the MID250 with an initial MIDD  position from 1897p : this has few fees, tight spread and good liquidity so easy to reverse out of with low execution costs.

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How to Find High Liquidity Squeezes for Spreadbets

higher liquidity squeezes with tight spreads often make good spreadbetting trades: not participated today as too many balls in the air


set the Capital to >100M

volume to >700K

Spread to <3% and RPG filters down to  fewer opps that are open to Spreadbetting


This decreases the number of prospects from 33 to a more manageable 18






IQE  Trade from 29.4p

Making one of my favourite set-ups a volatility squeeze : popped on news recently but sold back to key level and reloaded: note it has a small 1.04% short interest and joins today's long list of potential short squeezes/covers though at such a low level this is unlikely to feature in the intraday price action


Entry: 29.49

Stop 27.6

Target:1: 33p (subject to supporting markets and a multiday index  pop)

R/r = 2

clear stop below 27.8 target 1  33p around 50MA which is where most breakouts seem to fail in current market

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Daily Shares in Focus

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Price quotes delayed by 15 minutes or more, see update timestamp for details. Refresh page to force update
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Opening Price Reactions and AM Liquidity 08:15

Markets remain weak and sideways lacking direction : indices are flat on the open with little conviction  but bias to the upside given US overnight and recent bearishness: US GDP later today may inform sentiment though month-end is tomorrow. Maintain smaller positions, shorter timescales and reduced risk but open to rapid short-covering rallies and reversals. Trade what you see, not what you think you should see


Cornish Metals [stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" assets="CUSN.L" markup="{name} ({symbol}) {price} ({change_pct}){last_update}" style="font-size: small" api="yf"]

RNS Analysis and Opening Price Action

The below RNS Report is published at 07:15 each day (approximately) and may be updated during the day to reflect the total RNS newsflow for that day : the timestamp on the report indicates the latest update


RNS Analysis PTAL

in sideways consolidation of an uptrend with good results today: BUT  guides down on social disruption to production and reduced BPOD  though  decreased output offset  by increased contracted oil price at  $102 pb

Potential takeout of recent 44p high to new ATHs in clean air


WAIT for price reaction to RNS and volume participation through 40.5p level : trade on with target >44p assuming oil maintains momentum with fib projection to 50p

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Overnight Action and Pre Market Analysis

More signs of an overdue rally which may prove explosive given the recent chop and lack of direction over the past few days: likely we have reached peak bearishness for now

  • FTSE futures remain unch around the key 7520
  • day in green in the US with tech posting a 1.5% gain though rejecting the 8EMA while  S&P held 8EMA . DOW is signalling a reversal with a tentative indication of a rally ahead (chart)
  • Brent crude at $114.looking set to break north (Chart)
  • VIX 28 as sentiment improves Chart
  • DXY remains muted around 102 off recent 105 highs and below 21EMA
  • Gold puked yesterday and is at $1846 despite weaker DXY











Key level to watch in FTSE100 around 7513




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