RNS News Trading: RPG Takes Your Trading to the Edge

  • Pre-market RNS analysis : by sector, index, results, contracts 

  • Isolate key catalysts BEFORE the open

  • Market reaction to the RNS catalysts showing Gaps and linking short interest, price action , news

  • Price reaction at regular intervals throughout the trading day 

  • Daily blog with macro analysis and technical analysis of opportunities

  • Charting and technical analysis

  • Subscriber discussion and community area 

  • Growing archive of data, analysis and commentary 

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Market Sentiment Dashboard: Find Shares Rising/Falling and Strongest Trends

  • make money by trading with the trends using top-down data-driven analysis
  • our dashboard helps you to find shares making new highs and new lows  against a backdrop of the overall market performance and sentiment
  • heatmaps of all UK indices and sectors with drill-down to individual stocks
  • Filters for all-time highs and lows 

Includes FCA daily short  interest data to spot short squeezes and shorting opportunities

the right trades at the right time in the right way

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16 Feb 21: ARB Trade” Bitcoin Continues to Outshine: ARB in its Afterglow” +3440%

Trade Date : 4 Nov 20 Entry Price: 7.4 (see Post) Current  Price: ; Increase:  3440% (16 Feb : ARB...
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16 Feb 21: ARB Trade” Bitcoin Continues to Outshine: ARB in its Afterglow” +3440%


 Video Guide to Using runprofits

 Introduction to reports on RP: navigation and basic analysis



Video Guide to Market Sentiment Dashboard

Detailed guide to help you unlock the power of the dashboard's analysis


Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index

Extreme Greed = Sell: Extreme Fear = Buy: Extremes can persist!

RP Scanner on Fire  Spotting Huge Profits in Short Squeezes

Many  of the short squeeze ideas spotted  in the Short Trading Ideas of RP Scanner have made 50% and more this week: sometimes in hours!

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Combining price momentum, technicals and FCA short interest data

Check out Page 18 of RP Scanner for some great trading ideas


 right data: right trades : right time : right way 

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