UK Reporting Calendar

Stock names in the table below are coloured by the degree of bearishness (red) to   bullishness (green)  based o a composite score in the  range -10 to +10.. Very bullish shares can be prone to disappointment on results  while very bearish can surprise to the upside triggering reversals

Click on the stock EPIC to open a chart on TradingView: click on the stock name to open recent RNS news in Investegate -  the table is interactive and be sliced by type of result (Finals, TUs etc), by Index, by Sector and can be searched. Scroll down and hit the diagonal arrow on the bottom menu bar to make the table full screen. Select SECTOR using pie chart

Reporting dates are collated from multiple web sources. Many companies issue Trading Updates with little or no prior warning (some are triggered according to rules on changes in expectations). 


What Does Runprofits Offer?

Interactive Top-Down View of UK Stock market to find the big trends

Identify correlations with guided analyses : THE BIG PICTURE STUFF

Bottom-up tactical opportunites based on simple rules : THE BIG MONEY STUFF

  • High momentum trades
  • Best in sector (relative strength)
  • Bullish and bearish trends
  • Short Interest based trades (short squeezes and short opportunities)

News and Event Driven Daily Opportunities

Pre market analysis of RNS and News (before 0800)  then price action integrated with RNS during the trading day to find market moving catatysts producing break-out  opportunities

Who's it for ?

Traders and Investors from very expereinced to learning as you go
 Develop your own workflow and routines using hugely flexible tools :  Runprofits is truly a DYOR tool with endless opportunites to  improve your performance and minimise your risk
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