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RNS Trading Tues 30 Jan 24

Today's trading opportunities from RNS newsflow catalysts that trigger trend changes

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Oil Firm ,Gold Clears 50MA, Copper Holding


Brent oil slips back below the $84 handle but stays firm while Gold finally clears the 50 MA as the dollar tracks sideways clinging to its 200MA

Copper holding gains while platinum advanced yesterday to the 50MA with urnanium holding below $100 at $99.65


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<Click on charts to expand ><Click on charts to expand >


Ones to Watch 07:30


Scancell Holdings 's TU doesn't bring much new but may save as a reminder of the promise ahead - chart sits in a vol squeeze which  is a 61.8% retrace of the Sep'23 pop - this may reload on the reminder

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Uranium Names on the Move GCL AURA BKY - Quarterly Reports and Spot Price Outlook Catalysts

Geiger Counter

Geiger Counter GCL ]  has checked back in to the rising trendline and has bounced looking set to resume the uptrend assuming support from uranium

open GCL Chart

I am long GCL from a 49p entry point and also long Yellow Cake from  420p/490  entries







Berkeley Energia

has updated the market this morning and is making a move off base albeit there are caveats to the challenges BKY faces owing to opposition of its rights to mine uranium in its Spanish Salamanca mine 3 hours wets of Madrid. This introduces something of a binary risk however if BKY  are successful then there's significant upside to this namewhich has no debt and AUD$75m on the balance sheet : good for a trade with a stop below 14p building out a bit of volume around 15.5 p with a potential 16p entry on spread

open Berkeley Energia chart BKY












Aura Energy


Aura energy has rallied 4% gapping above the 200 day moving average on an upbeat  Quarterly Report this am  having checked back in to a 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of the June 23 swing low to the October 23 high following an equity release on 12 Jan 24

Open AURA  chart















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