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 Pre Market Sentiment and Charts Influencing UK Markets 06:30 (3 mins read)

FTSE Futures show +40 on cash close as megacap index finds support at 7200: this looks to be a key level. Losing this likely completes a head an shoulders reversal and pitches towards 6800 (chart) so support is encouraging for now

FTSE 250 dropped -2.8% , didn't take out March low and may well be forming an inverted head and shoulders reversal

AIM All Share made a new low for the year

US session was ugly with broad selling in very sector: S&P , NASDAQ, DOW  making new '22  lows - see map

DXY was the outperformer

Sentiment VIX has spiked to 34 VSTOXX to 32

OIl maintaining bullish bias but showing signs of slowing momentum as strong dollar and economic outlook weigh



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