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RNS Analysis and Opening Price Action

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Pre Market RNS

 Pre Market Analysis 06:30

Final trading day of UK shortened week sees FTSE futures unchanged on cash close at 7607 following end of month in the US close mildly red but holding recent gains with NASDAQ/tech outperforming: banks up, oil and healthcare down  Gold below 200MA , oil slight pullback , DXY reasserts uptrend after 50MA check

  1. - US stocks map sees oil & gas names trim gains as banks and  tech advance
  2. - Brent crude slight  pullback to  $115 from yesterday's $121 spike(chart)
  3. - VIX at 26.2 VSTOXX 25.3
  4. - DXY- dollar index 101.8 -  rallying from a 50MA check yesterday
  5. - Copper sideways and below 21EMA lacking direction
  6. - Gold  loses 200MA at $1830  - chart

Charts - click to open to full size


US Stockmap


Gold Chart

DXY Chart



Oil Chart


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