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Trades On : 888 IQE  PTAL  SQZ

recent trades posted on RPG

PTAL 40.5p  here     [stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" assets="PTAL.L" markup="{name} ({symbol}) {price} ({change_pct}){last_update}" style="font-size: small" api="yf"]

IQE  entry 29.4 - here  closed final tranche on rejection of O/H resistance line at 35.75  @14:46 (+22%) [stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" assets="IQE.L" markup="{name} ({symbol}) {price} ({change_pct}){last_update}" style="font-size: small" api="yf"]

888 added at 204p  to existing 192p here [stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" assets="888.L" markup="{name} ({symbol}) {price} ({change_pct}){last_update}" style="font-size: small" api="yf"]

SQZ 261.4p here  [stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" assets="SQZ.L" markup="{name} ({symbol}) {price} ({change_pct}){last_update}" style="font-size: small" api="yf"]



Trade On: Adding to A Winner SQZ 2nd Tranche 265.1

SQZ popped this am on updated numbers and clarification on impact of UK windfall tax: SQZ is awash with cash, no debt and heavily skewed to natural gas which is likely to remain elevated in price owing to Russian sanctions and European reliance on natty gas for electricity production and fertilizers


original set-up was bounce from 618 Fib at 250p and retake of 200MA at 262p  : added to position at 265.1p  from partial p/b on price pop: may well see a  good double digit price move today




Bull flag forming on the 15 minute with the VWAP at 290p a realistic target over the coming days


VWAP in target at

RNS Analysis and Opening Price Action

RNS Report is published at 07:15 each day (approximately) and may be updated during the day to reflect the total RNS newsflow for that day : timestamp on the report indicates the latest update

Pre Market RNS

 Pre Market Analysis 06:30

UK rejoins the global fray after a 4 day weekend with FTSE futures signalling a positive boost to the markets +70 points on Wed 1 June's close at 7602 as oil trades above $120 which will lift oilers. Sentiment has improved markedly with VIX below 25, Thursday's AAII showing a 61% tilt to bullishness. Copper price action is  supporting improved sentiment. DXY  is muted at 102 helping Gold recover somewhat to above its 200MA

  1. - US stocks close red Friday with tech selling back while energy outperformed - see map
  2. - Brent crude above $120  (see chart)
  3. - VIX at 24.8  VSTOXX 23.4 - see dashboard
  4. - DXY- dollar index 102 -  below 21EMA (see chart)
  5. - Copper breakout Thursday 2 June and pulled back to 200MA (see chart)
  6. - Gold back above 200MA tracing 21EMA at $855 (see chart)

Charts - click to open to full size


US Stockmap Friday Close



Gold Chart

DXY Chart



Oil Chart


Copper Chart


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