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RNS Trading Mon 12 feb 24

Today's trading opportunities from RNS newsflow catalysts that trigger trend changes

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Pre Market

Dollar Strength Continues into Big Data Week


US CPI Tuesday , UK CPI Wednesday , UK GDP Thursday , UK Retail Sales Friday and a raft of US Fed speakers with PPI data and jobless numbers make this a busy week for data . The dollar moving into this looks firm while gold and precious metals look weak .


Oil starts the week muted but holding the 200MA : If it continues to form then there’s a reasonable chance oil may rally above $84 to check  the upper trend line in its current rising channel. This would put pressure on the Airlines/Travel sector  and potentially the retail sector this week.

Uranium is back above $100, while copper is back to check support around $3.66.



One to Watch

CYAN LOA, PTAL Updated Reserves, GFRD New Contract, POLB Market Sizing

Continued strength in Bitcoin should see a bid in the Crypto related stocks in the UK with Argo Blockchain being the most bullish - highlighted in Friday 9 Feb  RPG




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