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PM Price Action 15:00

some paring of gains in the indices into the afternoon which is likely profit taking in many of the double digit pops over the past few days : tomorrow is the end of month and a four day Jubilee holiday will likely make for thin trading volumes


There are a few themes emerging

  1. 1.:Small caps are starting to play catch up as AIM clears the 21EMA intraday with some of the most hated and the most shorted sectors and shares making significant (>5% intraday) gains. Meanwhile the mega cap FTSE 100 is  sideways below the 7600 level mainly owing to AAF -6.5% with BATS, IMB and AZN lagging: IAG, OCDO, JD are all up >3%
  2. 2. Travel, Leisure and Retail are all making a comeback and are potentially picking up on sentiment with the recent Sunak giveback but also the anticipation of feelgood and spend from the 4 day holiday weekend ahead
  3. 3. digital advertising seeing some recovery with XLM, ZOO and TRMR p >3%
  4. 4. Miners PAF, HZM and ALL rallying >3%


Here are some quant  fundamental and technical  comparators for the above groups


Opening Price Reactions and AM Liquidity 08:15

Fairly broad rally after the open with retail and heavily shorted names continuing to cover , AIM was expected to pop given the NAZ rally into Friday's close and is up 1%, 250 up 1.1%


IQE, highlighted Thursday 26th with entry 29.4  up another 5.6% this am clearing 100 DMA and in day 4 of a vol squeeze : these tend to run 5-7 days in supporting markets. Given this is almost 20% gain on entry price, took a  further 25% off at 34.85 to leave remainder run at reduced risk [stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" assets="IQE.L" markup="{name} ({symbol}) {price} ({change_pct}){last_update}" style="font-size: small" api="yf"]



BOO looks to be in a short squeeze with shorts closing from a high of 6.8% recently to 6% now: may well reach for 100p if volume kicks in +7% intraday at 100DMA and some resistance around 91p




RNS Analysis and Opening Price Action

RNS Report is published at 07:15 each day (approximately) and may be updated during the day to reflect the total RNS newsflow for that day : timestamp on the report indicates the latest update

RNS Analysis Potential pops



SFOR strong results beating estimates and guiding higher

PDL continued consolidation in uptrend looks set for a breakout

IMI vol squeeze : proposed acquisition may be a catalyst for breakout

 Pre Market Analysis 06:30

US rallied strongly into the close on Friday lifting the indices above 21EMAs across the board with the NASDAQ +3.3% all on good volume, this should feed through to AIM which is underperforming mid and mega caps. Dr Copper saying "yes" to the rally so far : gold, silver and PGMs improving as USD weakens.  Today is a holiday in the US.  Oil is up, Gold >$1860 retesting 21EMA: FTSE 100 futures +30 on Friday close. Today is likely to be quiet given lack of US liquidity though some catching up is needed on recent rally

  1. - Brent crude continues slow grid higher at $116 but encountering O/H supply from March highs: key European decision on Russian imports this am
  2. - VIX drops to 25 with VSTOXX at 24 which is the most bullish in weeks - see dashboard
  3. - DXY- dollar index - drops to 101 and looks likely to may check 100 level: this is bullish stocks
  4. - Gold  remains indeterminate around the 21EMA level ($1859)  which is showing  resistance: if DXY stays weak, Gold should rally but watch for a break above the $1862 with some conviction. Continued hestinance around the 1861  level is prone to failure
  5. - PGMs and base metals showing signs of improvement which will feed through to UK miners : silver looks set to break north and is potential long

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