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Tuesday 06 Jan 2021: Lockdowns Slight Impact on Sentiment

Pre Market 07:30: Lockdowns Weighed Slightly on Sentiment

FTSE 100 futures suggest the cash will open 26 points lower at 6549  points lower around 6530 as the US  sold-off marginally with the S&P down 1.5% and the DOW down 1.25%: still very much bullish


Heightened expectation of another lockdown led to an intraday reversal in the UK and European Indices as the trading year started in strong green but reversed towards the close: the FTSE 250 closed +0.24% while the FTSE 100 outperformed up 1.7% and AIM All Share at +0.4%. All of the UK indices remain strongly bullish


Brent crude oil also reversed intraday mirroring the reversal of economic activity expected by more lockdowns:  crude has been in a sideways pattern since making a high in mid December and looks to sell off with a return to below $50: with a delayed OPEC meeting on the cards, further restrictions on production may lift crude futures. Gold has resumed its upward thrust rallying over 2.4% yesterday to clear $1940. Copper continues in a sideways motion and is consolidating around the 21 EMA around 3.51


The VIX spiked to 28 yesterday but settled back to around 27% which suggests more protection being sought

Economic Calendar

In the  economic calendar




8 UK Companies Reported by 07:30




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