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Large and Mid Cap Winners and Losers in 2020

A View From the Fallout

This is a quick review of what is left standing after the recent sell-off. You can carry out similar analysis by using the 2020 SO Far Report which shows YTD performance for the Indices, commodities and individual Sectors as well as a Split by Mid/Large Caps and Small Caps.

In total there are 369 mid and large cap shares in the total universe of 1651 share covered by runprofits


Only 20 shares remain in the green so far in 2020:


their relative strength may give some clues for directional plays. These are made up of precious metal miners, utility companies and software companies


The precious metal miner CEY, FRES, POLY, and  HGM which are correlated to the rally in gold in 2020 have all outperformed

Sector breakdowns of mid and large Caps in Green in 2020

The plot below shows the relative performance YTD with AVON, PRISM and GENUS . AVON makes protective clothing and respiratory apparatus and so is heavily correlated to the coronavirus epidemic


Mid and Large Caps in the green in 2020


Losing Mid and Large Caps: 342 of 369

The below are the worst performing mid and large caps in 2020:


342 shares have fallen in 2020 : of those they beak down like this

  • 271 are down more than 10%
  • 146 down more than 20%
  • 64  down more than 30%: these are show in in the pie chart below and are dominated by Travel and Leisure with 11 stocks suffering the most followed by Support Services with 7 stocks, Banks and Mining with 5


Mid and Large Caps Down over 30% in 2020







Mid and Large Caps Down over 30% in 2020


The below is a plot of the T&L names down over 30%


Travel and Leisure Stocks down over 30% in 2020





Support Services Down 30% or more

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